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Auto Detailing with Vapor steam

by | Jun 21, 2021 | 0 comments

Auto Detailing with Vapor steam

Jun 21, 2021 | Automotive | 0 comments

SJH GreenSteam is driven on delivering an effective, durable multi-purpose vapor steam cleaning machine in all industries.  Automotive Detailing with Vapor SteamSJH Greensteam offers high-quality steam cleaners that have the highest temperatures and pressures in the auto industry.

The auto detailing industry has grown tremendously over the past few years.  As an auto detailing professional, you know the importance of thoroughly cleaning the interior and exterior using the power of steam.  With the power of steam, instantly blow away dirt while the high heat melts away residue.  Vapor Steam removes salt and dirt fast.  Cleaning dirt like brake dust and carbon is easy.  Steam Cleaning will bring those cars back to the showroom new. Steam leaves surfaces virtually dry as soon as the cleaning is completed. Upholstery and floor mats are actually dry within minutes. Not only is the cleaning faster, but the car is deodorized as well.


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