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Daycare Centers and Schools start cleaning with vapor steam

Daycare Centers and Schools start cleaning with vapor steam

Daycare Centers and Schools start cleaning with vapor steam

I am Larry Ford of SJHGreenSteam, and we are a facility maintenance company specializing in cleaning with vapor steam, a chemical-free process, based out of Dallas, Texas. I want the opportunity to give you a free no-obligation demonstration of our green cleaning options that are very cost-effective and provide actual cleaning results.  


Imagine walking into your center, with the aroma of cleanliness greeting you at the door. Imagine taking in a deep breath and not inhaling the fumes of cleaning chemicals. And without the use of cleaning chemicals, imagine your playrooms, cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected. With vapor steam cleaning, watch as your imagination becomes a reality.

Cleaning chemicals are NOT safe to use and especially around children. Over time cleaning chemicals can harm our bodies. Children are more susceptible to the dangers posed by chemicals than adults. Their tiny bodies are especially vulnerable to hazardous chemicals to their health and are at a greater risk of developing allergies than adults.

Children are at higher risk when playing on floors with the residue from formaldehyde and pesticides from chemical cleaners. They breathe the toxic fumes produced by cleaning chemicals first before adults, and their immune systems are not as developed as adults.

Take control and power over the cleaning process in your center. Get behind the powerful burst of vapor steam. Vapor steam will:

  • Protect our children, staff, and faculty from the effects of harmful chemical fumes.
  • Sanitize, deodorize and disinfect the floor, countertops, toys, kitchen, bathrooms faster. You are only limited by your imagination on what you can clean with steam.
  • Cleaning with vapor steam will provide your center with cost-effective cleaning results.

The goal with any cleaning process is to clean, and with SJH Greensteam, you are receiving the best in cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing, your environment while investing in the well-being of those who utilize your center daily. Vapor steam cleaning is extreme green cleaning – no chemical usage. Vapor steam; will provide your center savings of up to 95% reduction in water consumption and wastewater creation, saving you money. There are many benefits to using vapor steam in cleaning.